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There are a number of options for students in the UK looking to insure their personal possessions.

What does student insurance cover?

When it comes to student insurance policies of the kind offered by a number of major providers – most notably Endsleigh Student Insurance – what the policies actually cover depends on the type of insurance policy that you opt for. The term ’student insurance’ covers more than one type of policy and coverage, making it advisable to speak to an advisor before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Student contents insurance

As the name suggests, this type of policy is very similar to the home contents insurance offered to non-students living in rented accommodation. Like any other type of contents insurance policy, it is intended to cover the loss of, or damage to, the possessions kept within the property – but not the actual property itself.

This is ideal for students living in privately rented accommodation, because the actual home itself is not their responsibility, but student contents policies offered by companies such as Endsleigh also offer specialist cover for items such as bicycles, mobile phones and laptops, that are particularly significant for students.

Student halls insurance

This is not that much different to the other type of student contents policies, but it is aimed specifically at those living in the halls of residence – accommodation provided by the college or university where they are studying. Again, many policies cater specifically for students by offering special coverage of key items.

Student house sharer insurance

Finally, this type of student insurance policy is intended for those students living in shared rented accommodation, and is designed to allow all of the students living within the house or flat to insure their possessions under one policy – which is both quicker to set up and cheaper than individual ones.

There is not a great deal of difference in the actual items covered by these different forms of student insurance policies, but they are each designed to offer the most financially suitable contents insurance policy depending on the individual circumstances of the student in question.

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