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UK Life

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British council offices
Useful links for all international students

UK life

Useful links for US and Canadian students

British Council offices in Canada and the USA

The British Council provides information and advice about studying and living in the UK.

UK Embassies, High Commissions and other diplomatic posts in Canada and the USA

These usually have information and advice about visas and entering the UK as a student.
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK Embassy finder

Your Embassy in the UK

Contact details of all foreign Embassies and High Commissions in the UK

UK life and study

BBC websites
Keep up to date with the latest UK news and events from the BBC.


Canadian students

  • The Canada Post – newspaper for Canadians in the UK
  • Canada Shop – a source of Canadian food brands and other products when you are in the UK.
  • Canadian Expats – online community for expat Canucks in the UK.

US students

  • Candy Pirate – US food specialists providing a taste of home in the UK.
  • UK Yankee – online community for US expats in the UK.
  • US Expats in the UK – website for US citizens living in or moving to the UK.

Links to sites featuring general information on studying and living in the UK, visas and working in the UK.

North America regional section

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