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UK life

Northern Ireland is becoming a more hip destination for international visitors.

Exciting, evolving nightspots and entertainment venues can be found in the biggest urban centres Belfast and Derry, while new cities such as Lisburn and Newry are on the rise.

For nature-lovers, one of the most dramatic features of Northern Ireland is the rugged cliffs of the rocky Causeway Coast. There are also countless beaches, castles, monuments and natural delights to explore.


Northern Ireland’s capital city is flourishing as an artistic centre, with a bustling social scene that exudes an interesting mix of Irish–British culture.

The city’s traditional charm, grand public buildings and sense of history contrast with the modern cultural icons of the town such as a huge annual arts festival, iconic waterfront artworks and the Odyssey Complex – a huge entertainment and educational complex encompassing an IMAX cinema, ice rink and arena for sports events and concerts.

Continuing development in the city has hailed Belfast as a lively, friendly and up-and-coming destination and a great location for international students.


Londonderry (commonly known as Derry) is the only completely walled city remaining in Northern Ireland and it is famed for its rich cultural heritage. The city straddles the River Foyle, with the older walled city on the west bank connected to the newer side of the city by two bridges.

Derry is home to a thriving arts and music scene with a number of museums, galleries and theatres. Waterloo Street is the place to sample the best of Derry hospitality with an eclectic mix of traditional and modern Irish pubs.

The city’s location close to the Irish Republic border also makes it an ideal spot from which to explore the rest of Ireland.


Belfast is a vibrant capital city, teeming with bars, museums and parks

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