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UK Life

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Student life: off campus  

Student life

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UK life

The cheap and lively experience as a student in the UK doesn’t end as soon as you step off campus. There is plenty to do around the UK, and you are often offered a sample of the country’s delights at a discounted rate.

The UK boasts a beautiful countryside, multicultural and cosmopolitan cities and a great nightlife. You will have access to a range of outdoor and social activities, and getting around the UK (especially if you are from a large country such as the US) is easy. See Travel around the UK for more details.

Real life

‘You don’t have to trek very far to find what you enjoy. Living in the UK provides instant exposure to diversity and everyone is hospitable.

‘The nightlife is fantastic! There is also a passion for sports – especially football and rugby – unlike any other country.’

Ryan O’Toole, Leeds Metropolitan University

Activities such as going to a cinema or to a music concert are common, and your students’ union may even organise such events. Generally you can find out about what entertainments are happening in your area by looking online, or through the local newspaper or student newspaper.

Sport and the outdoors

The nation’s love of sport is expressed through world-famous annual events like the FA Cup Final and Wimbledon, and through the decision to award London the Olympic Games in 2012. All UK colleges and universities have a wide range of sporting teams that compete on a local and national level.

Open space is highly valued in the UK and there are plenty of ways in which to explore the countryside. Throughout the country you will find opportunities to take part in cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering, swimming, horse riding, sailing, fishing and walking.

Going out

There are plenty of options for student nightlife in university towns. Pubs, bars, lounges and nightclubs all cater to students with special student events on certain weeknights.

The country’s live music venues offer nights to suit all tastes, ranging from indie, rock and pop to R&B, hip-hop, metal and classical. There is also a vibrant club scene, with top DJs spinning the tunes every weekend.

Some colleges and universities provide additional support for students, such as night buses (specially chartered coaches) to make sure you get back to your halls of residence safely.

NUS and international student cards

When you join a college or university, you will be able to buy a National Union of Students (NUS) Extra card. This will entitle you to great discounts on all sorts of goods and services within the union, and even outside of it. An NUS Extra card will get you discounts in selected high-street shops, cinemas, restaurants, mobile phone stores, online shops, hairdressers... the list goes on.

You can also buy an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for £9 in the UK, which will provide discounts on a wider range of things, including travel and accommodation, and can be used in 120 countries worldwide. Other recognised international cards may be available from your home country, such as the ISE International Identity Card from the US.

Students who buy the NUS Extra card can upgrade it to include the ISIC for only £1.

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