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Postgraduate scholarships for students from Australia and New Zealand

The British Council

The British Council often offers or administers scholarships aimed at students from specific countries or regions in partnership with important organisations and bodies in the UK or in the countries where it has a presence.

In your region, the Landerer UK Arts Scholarship aims to strengthen Anglo-Australian ties by funding an outstanding Australian arts and creative industries student aged 30 or under to study in the UK.

Administered by the British Council in Australia, it provides A$30,000 towards the tuition fees of a master’s-level arts and design course of up to 12 months’ duration or towards the cost of living, course books and materials while in the UK.

European Union scholarships, grants and exchange programmes

European Union scholarships, grants and exchange programmes provide many opportunities for students from your region to come and study with participating UK institutions.

These include:

Check to see which UK institutions participate as not all will necessarily do so.

The General Sir John Monash Awards

The General Sir John Monash Awards are worth up to A$150,000 over three years and are given to up to eight outstanding Australian graduates each year for study abroad at universities around the world that is appropriate to their field of study.

Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarships were set up by Cecil Rhodes over a hundred years ago with the aim of fostering understanding between the English-speaking countries of the world and other select countries by encouraging the best postgraduate students from these countries to study at the University of Oxford.

There are no restrictions on the subjects to be studied. Each Scholarship covers University and college fees and a stipend for living expenses, and may be held for a maximum of three years. Nine are available each year to Australian students and three to students from New Zealand.

Scots Australian Council Scholarships

Scots Australian Council Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Australian graduates and young professionals for study at a Scottish university in the interests of bolstering links between Scotland and Australia.

Awarded in partnership with Scottish business and industry, each scholarship is for one year only and will cover travel to and from Scotland, academic fees and a stipend towards the cost of living.

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