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Other sources of funding

In addition to the scholarships listed on this site, there are a number of other sources of funding for studying in the UK:

The British Federation of Women postgraduates

The British Federation of Women postgraduates makes awards to women postgraduates of any nationality in their final year of study for a doctoral degree in Great Britain (ie all of the United Kingdom except Northern Ireland). Other scholarships/grants are also available through its wholly owned subsidiary Funds for Women postgraduates (FfWG).

The CISN Hardship Fund

The CISN Hardship Fund was set up in 1990 to help students experiencing financial problems during the latter stages of their degree. Grants do not exceed £800 and average around £500.

The Hardship Fund aims to assist international students, irrespective of their race, sex, or religion, who face unexpected financial problems during the final stages of their courses. Apart from exceptional circumstances, awards are made on the basis of certain criteria. Awards are made only to those who are undertaking a full-time first degree or postgraduate studies lasting at least one academic year, are within six months of finishing, and can clearly show that their financial problems are unexpected and an award would enable them to complete their course.

For more information, contact Mr David Philpot, Grants Secretary, CISN Hardship Fund, 121 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4YN; e-mail dphilpot@cofscotland.org.uk.

Linking Minds

Linking Minds is an award aimed at New Zealand teachers to enable them to travel to the UK to see best practice in education there, with the aim of promoting effective teaching by giving the winners international experience.

The award funds four New Zealand teachers to spend two weeks over the April holiday period every second year with a UK local authority. Successful applicants must be under 35 and in their first five years as a fully registered teacher. Travel, accommodation and general living costs are covered.

Wingate Scholarships

Wingate Scholarships aim to support creativity by awarding up to a maximum of £10,000 a year to outstanding individuals with great potential or a track record of excellence to help them with their endeavours.

The aim is to support specific projects for up to three years. Applicants have to be at least 24 (although there is no upper age limit). Applications from mature students and those from non-traditional academic backgrounds are welcomed.

Most subject areas are covered, particularly multi-disciplinary projects that may fall outside conventional funding categories. It is open to citizens of certain countries, including current and former members of the British Commonwealth.

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