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Where your studies can take you

UK life

Your UK course will give you the opportunity to:
  • work as a part of a team and also develop leadership skills, maintaining good relationships with your colleagues at all times
  • learn from the experts how to be competitive in the financial market. 
Transferable skills gained:
  • accuracy
  • numeracy and mathematical ability
  • analytical skills
  • reasoning and negiotiation skills.
In the same area, you could:
  • train as an accountant, providing a range of advice to clients, who can be individuals, small businesses, or international conglomerates
  • go into insurance, working as an actuary, a building society manager, and independent adviser, an insurance broker or underwriter, or as a risk manager 
  • become a treasurer, identifying and interpreting market shifts and risk changes
  • work in investment banking, specialising in sales trading research, corporate finance or capital markets.
Related areas you can move into:
  • public sector
  • private sector
  • quantity surveying
  • property and financial advice.

For information and advice about graduate careers in the UK, go to the TARGETjobs website.


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