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UK study  Campus facilities

Campus facilities  

Why study here

Why study in the UK?
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UK life

A student campus in the UK is not just a collection of lecture theatres and exam halls. Campuses are places to work and play, thanks to the ever-growing range of services and leisure facilities they offer.

Within such a friendly, often village-like environment, you can live, work, do your shopping, play sports, and even go on a decent (and cheap!) night out.

The basics

Student residences
Your home from home, and often the main place to make your friends in the first year. Student accommodation varies from campus to campus, and there can be several types to choose from. These include:

  • catered halls of residence
  • self-catered flats
  • self-catered houses.

Whichever you choose, you can expect a private study-bedroom, plus communal facilities including a kitchen and a bathroom. If you are lucky and get into recently-built halls or flats, you may be blessed with an en-suite facility.

More on accommodation.

Library/research facilities
This may not sound incredibly exciting, but the huge range of books, journals and IT facilities on offer at most UK universities and colleges are truly impressive.

There are different borrowing arrangements to ensure everyone get their hands on the right texts without having to buy up the local bookshop, and computer cataloguing makes it easy to reserve the books you need and track them down on the shelves.

Of course, there are sources you can access apart from the printed word , students can root through microfiche archives, CD-ROMs, audio-visual facilities and the Internet , so there’s no excuse for turning in a bad essay!

IT facilities
Computers are a vital resource for students, so you can expect top IT facilities at any UK university or college.

Study-bedrooms in halls of residence and student flats are being linked up to university networks, meaning that students that have their own computers get round-the-clock (and free) access to the Internet from the comfort of their own desk.

Those without PCs can still get easy access to computers via purpose-built rooms, many of which are open 24 hours a day.

’I really enjoy my classes and my professors are great. They are always willing to answer any questions.’
Kelly James, Chicago, Illinois

Academic departments
This is where your academic staff are based, from the head of your department to your course secretary.

Typical student facilities include a common room, seminar rooms and a computer cluster, as well as many facilities specific to your studies, such as laboratories.

Depending on the size of your course, larger classes may be held in purpose-built lecture theatres, but you can expect seminars and tutorials to be held in your department.

You will be given a personal tutor, who is responsible for your progress throughout your time at college or university, and who should be your first port of call if you have any work-related problems or queries.

Leisure facilities

Students’ union
The heart of student life, unions are run by students for students, and offer a wide range of facilities, from social and sporting clubs to welfare advice and personal support.

Students’ union bars and restaurants are famous for their subsidised prices, so your social life won’t cost a fortune. Students’ union clubs and bars are popular venues for many of the UK’s best bands and comedians too.

Virtually all unions have a dedicated international students department, which helps international students with any problems they may have and organises lots of great social events. Their aim is to make sure you get the very best out of your time in the UK.

Many campuses now have world-class sporting facilities, with everything from playing pitches, exercise studios and tennis courts to swimming pools and gyms.

Sport is played at every level, whether you’re representing your university in the prestigious BUSA league, or simply having a friendly kickabout with your department team.

Eating facilities
Aside from the good-value food you can buy in the bars and cafes of the union, if you live in catered halls, you will regularly visit the refectory, or canteen.

Campus canteens are open throughout the working day and act as a general meeting point for those all-important study breaks.

As well as old favourites like chips and burgers, you’ll find a wide variety of healthy food options, vegetarian dishes and foreign cuisine. And, being in the UK, any time is a great time for a refreshing cup of tea!

Student services
There may be a big world beyond your campus, but sometimes you don’t want to venture that far. Fortunately, campuses provide a variety of on-site shops and services , many offering great bargains.

You can expect to find a general shop, selling everything from snacks to stationery, a bookshop stocking copies of all your textbooks and a printshop – useful when you want to advertise your band’s big gig or simply make your project look as professional as possible.

Other typical services include banks, student insurance and travel agents. 


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