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Study abroad and exchange programmes†

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Study abroad and exchange programmes

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Whether youíre a US student wanting to spend part of your degree in the UK or a European student hoping to study here for a full year, there is bound to be an international study programme for you.

Exchange programmes have a slightly different emphasis from work placements and internships. By definition, you get something out of the programme and you also give something back.

What you gain is not only a stimulating experience and insights into another culture, and yourself, but also an invaluable addition to your CV.

After all, youíll have demonstrated to a prospective employer that you have the motivation, commitment, energy and organisational skills to take a leap into another environment.

Although itís possible to arrange your own exchange, itís much more usual to use one of the tried-and-tested schemes or organisations. The staff at your institution will know the pitfalls and how to escape them, and have the right contacts to ensure that your exchange works well for you, as well as for your host.

They should also organise administrative support and prepare for many of your needs, such as:

  • accommodation
  • insurance
  • travel and transfer
  • enrolment
  • insidersí advice about your study location.
Whatís available?

Find out about the major exchange schemes:

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