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Study abroad and exchange programmes 

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Worldwide exhange programmes

Many well-respected and established organisations can arrange study and study-related training in the UK from across the world.

The Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (AIESEC)

AIESEC has branches in 800 universities throughout 86 countries, and it’s run by students themselves.

AIESEC offers paid-work placements, lasting from eight weeks to eighteen months. The work placements are matched to your university course, so as you work, your studies benefit.

You earn the minimum you need to live in that country. In return, you take part in a reception programme and become involved in the local community. Find out if AIESEC has a student committee at your university.

Fast facts

Why do it?

An exchange programme abroad helps develop your: 

  • self-reliance 
  • self-confidence 
  • independence 
  • outlook on life 
  • appreciation of other cultures 
  • communication skills
  • future career prospects.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) 

CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, established to help people ’acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a globally independent and culturally diverse world’. It organises a number of programmes for work or study abroad, lasting anywhere between two and thirty-six weeks.

CIEE provides you with the whole package, ensuring you have insurance, flights booked, visa information, emergency tips and contact details. As well as cutting through the red tape, they provide additional perks such as access to cheap flights and also things like student discounts. 

CIEE’s programmes also include internships and teaching programmes in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and China. In addition, there’s the UK-US Career Development, a training placement organisation based in the US.

Find out more about CIEE

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)

Each year, IAESTE offers around 6,000 science or engineering undergraduates the opportunity to join an exchange scheme in one of 80 participating countries.

’We identify AIESEC people as bright, multilingual people who have worked or studied abroad, and are therefore likely to be internationally mobile throughout their professional careers.’

Matthias Molleney, former Senior Vice-President, Marketing Division, Lufthansa

Each placement lasts between eight and twelve weeks, usually over the summer break. Like AIESEC, the programme chosen for you relates directly to your course of study, so will be sure to enhance your CV.

There are many choices, including agriculture, architecture, biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, engineering, food technology and physics.

You need to register before the first week of the December prior to the commencement of your placement. The scheme matches your skills with the needs of an employer.

You’re expected to cover any travel expenses and insurance but while you’re on the placement, your salary will cover the costs of living locally.

Arranging a reciprocal placement in the UK for an overseas student would virtually guarantee your success in landing an IAESTE training placement.

Find out more about IAESTE.

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