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UK study abroad programmes for US students  

If you are keen to do the majority of your undergraduate studies in the US but would like the opportunity to study in the UK, then a study abroad course is ideal.

Study abroad programmes in the UK are very popular, with around 30,000 US students choosing this option each year.

Fast facts

How many American students study in the UK?

The number of American students enrolled on UK higher education programmes in 2008/09 was 14,343.

Source: HESA Student Record 2008/09

A study abroad programme involves spending a part of your undergraduate study overseas. Such programmes can vary in length from a summer or a semester to a full year abroad.

Although most students choose to study abroad during their junior year, it is possible to do so in the sophomore or senior year. You can also choose to take a study abroad programme over the summer.

Often a US university has an agreement with a UK university, making it easy to undertake a study abroad programme. It is also possible to transfer credits from the UK university to the US university, making the study you do in the UK count towards the grade received on your official transcript.

’The study abroad programme is a great fit for international students. I have found this diversified course a bit challenging but of great quality.

’The flexibility in the structure has afforded me the chance to travel and work during my stay.’

Ryan O’Toole, Leeds Metropolitan University   

There are three main ways to study abroad:

  • enrol directly at a UK university
  • university exchange
  • third-party study abroad providers.

If you are interested in doing UK study abroad, the first thing to do is to contact your university’s study abroad office where an adviser will help you find a programme that suits you. Your adviser can also tell you what funding may be available.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements vary for each university and they may also differ depending on the type of course. With this in mind it is important that you check with your study abroad adviser and chosen institution.

Generally, for direct enrolment onto study abroad programs, American students are expected to have a GPA of about 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, as well as a letter of recommendation. Where there is an arrangement between a UK and a US university, the entry requirements may be different.

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