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UK life

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a specialist business qualification. There are a large number of MBA courses available in the UK.

A first- or second-class honours degree is needed to enter a taught Master’s programme, but mature students often enter MBA programmes because they have substantial work experience relevant to their chosen area of study, or related professional qualifications of a high standard.

In fact, you are usually required to have at least three years’ work experience in a managerial role before you even apply for an MBA.

International focus

The number of international students coming to the UK to study for MBAs is considerable.

Students are expected to contribute to courses by sharing experiences of different markets and working methods, and the expertise they have gained.

The multinational aspect of many MBA programmes helps give successful candidates a global view of management procedures, and a deeper understanding of the whole world of business.

Programme structure

Many UK MBA programmes share a common structure, with a duration of 12 months full time. There is an intensive period of tuition and coursework, followed by a work-based project or consultancy that can last for up to three months. Some full-time courses run for up to 21 months, usually with three months or more full-time work experience separating periods of study. Other courses run in part-time mode, with students working in a relevant job.

Tailoring your MBA

’I’ve found business school to be just about all that I had hoped for.

’I’m surrounded by an interesting group of dynamic people who are committed to learning, but most surprising has been the accessibility of the professors.’

Deborah, an international student from the United States   

While many programmes feature core elements such as strategic management, finance, information management and systems, and human resource management, there are other elective elements that students can use to customise their MBA to focus upon their own particular interests and objectives.

It is often possible to take extra courses in mathematics or languages while studying an MBA, and some institutions offer pre-sessional courses to prepare new students for the high level of study necessary to complete an MBA.

There are over 150 full-time programmes available throughout the UK, with institutions offering considerable options on different aspects of business, management and the professions, giving applicants great flexibility when choosing to study for an MBA in the UK.

To obtain an MBA in the UK, you will need to show high standards of ability and commitment. This makes UK MBAs admired throughout the world. Use the course search to find the MBA that suits your needs.


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