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Over 600,000 people visit the UK each year to learn English. There are hundreds of English language courses available in a variety of institutions in the UK.

These range from small, private colleges that specialise in English tuition (370 of which are accredited by the British Council) through to universities offering English pre-sessional classes for those entering degree programmes.

Institutions usually provide accommodation for their students and run courses of various lengths, from a few weeks to a full year. Many organise a social programme for students. Some provide accommodation and teaching in the same building, others provide accommodation with local families or in hotels.
Schools, colleges and universities providing English language courses are located throughout the UK.

Finding a course

The British Council runs an accreditation scheme for English language teaching centres. Centres that have British Council accreditation are regularly inspected to make sure teaching is of a high professional standard. This accreditation is your guarantee of quality in English language education.

English UK is the national association for British Council accredited English language teaching centres. You can find out more about English UK by clicking on the logo below.


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